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Basic Pricing Card Connect*

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What the card issuers charge the processors] passed through at cost.**

Interchange is public knowledge & could be found on Visa & MasterCard’s Websites.


Dues Assessments

NABU & AQUA fees are some fees charged by the Associations [MasterCard & VISA]. There are a few other small fees charged by the associations passed through at cost. Here are some common association fees.

The above fees are universal & charged to & by every processor, they are governed by the associations & may go up or down, new fees could be added, there are no breaks. No one gets a break, anyone who tells you they don’t have these fees, are not telling the truth

Monthly fees

$10.00 [includes statement & customer service]

WE markup true interchange “Don’t confuse us” with bill-back or EER or ERR, which are not based on true interchange.      

Our highest markup for regular accounts [not including high risk, which we price on a case to case basis] is rarely higher than 50 basis points [$5.00 per thousand]

And as LOW as: 5 basis points [.50cent per thousand]. Markup is calculated according to business type, volume, location & method of doing business.

A basis point is 1/100th of a percent equals 1 cent for every $10.00 charged

Larger merchants please call to negotiate.

Transaction fees

{authorization & settlement included} based on ticket size & account IP or dial up transactions, and business type.

Lowest: 5 cents, highest: most of the time less than 15 cents. Our price varies according to: the volume of transactions, business type, locality and other discretionary details.

We will fill out every Box in the application & give you a copy before you sign.

PCI DSS COMPLIANCE COMPANY is currently bought wholesale on your behalf from Security Metrics & billed to you once a year by First Data, any additional services required will be the merchant’s responsibility to purchase from Security Metrics or any other QSA.


IF YOU feel you could do better elsewhere although we highly doubt it, you are free to do as you please. HOWEVER NEVER RELY ON ORAL PROMISES IF YOU GET AN APP FROM OUR COMPETITION INSIST ON GETTING THE FULL APPLICATION & RULES BEFORE YOU SIGN & MAKE SURE TO ZERO OUT ANY UNFILLED BOXES WITH 0.00 or NA, before signing. Unfortunately many fill in the boxes later & deny you the pricing you could have gotten elsewhere

Please contact:
Samuel A Silver
Card Connect

*All fees are for an idea of what you will pay, actual fees will be individually negotiated & in writing on your contract.

** see the other subsections of pricing on our website.

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