Clover POS

Customized and secure payment solution for managing inventory and customer demographics.

Clover in the “Cloud”

What does “cloud-based software” mean to you and your merchant?

A simple definition: Cloud = Internet

  • You use the cloud when you check your Gmail
  • When you check online banking balance
  • When you’re able to listen to the same playlist on multiple devices
  • The brains are virtual, not in the hardware itself

So what?

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi are both options for processing connection
  • The merchant can start an order on one Station, finish on another
  • They can check reports, activity, make menu changes, and more – from any web browser
  • No sensitive/secure data stored in the hardware

Benefits of Clover’s Software

  • Designed to be extremely simple and intuitive – quick employee training
  • Every swipe or key is secured with TransArmor®
  • Ability for sign-on-screen, email/text/reprint the receipt
  • Ethernet/Wi-Fi for processing connectivity, but with offline processing capabilities for ultimate reliability
  • Helpful reports, employee tracking, manager permissions and overrides, and more.

App Based Software

  • register


    Merchant's home base for creating and charging for orders
  • orders


    Manage, track and search orders; add tips and process refunds
  • Reporting app


    Powerful insight and instant access to payments, cash logs and employee sales.
  • notes


    Display a digital note on all Clover devices. No more sticky notes taped to register screens!
  • Tables


    Assign tables to servers, and manage table ordering, printing, and payments
  • Happy Hour

    Automatically discount any menu item based on the day of the week and the time of day

Rich Features

  • Analytics
  • Accounting
  • Inventory
  • ERP
  • Offers
  • Loyalty
  • Payments
  • Barcode Scanner
  • CRM
  • Cash Mgmt
  • Payroll
  • Menu Boarding
  • Order Ahead
  • Reservations
  • Card Reader

Clover App Market

  • Allows for ultimate customization. Some apps are pre-loaded and others are optional for download
  • Can be accessed on station or dashboard
  • Clover is an open Android platform – access to a large development community worldwide
  • Actively engaged in developer and partner outreach: 2,000+ developers already reached at various hack-a-thons and conferences
  • Limitless opportunities
  • Huge selling differentiator
  • Apps are free today, billing capability launching soon.
Clover Core

24/7 Live Support for Merchants

  • Dedicated Clover call center to support merchants
  • Approximately 85 trained today (6 week training course)
  • Phone, email and chat options
  • Live service available ][24/7/365
  • Dedicated setup and installation help desk

Functions Supported by the Clover Call Center include:


  • Feedback
  • Add Features
  • Remove Features
  • Suggestions


  • Clover Dashboard
  • Tablet Settings
  • Hardware
  • Compliance
  • Applications


  • Processing Error
  • Clover Dashboard
  • Software
  • Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity
  • Printer
  • Station

Set Up

  • Installation
  • Welcome Call
  • Missing Menu
  • Menu Clarification
  • Menu Updates
  • Menu Corrections Activation Code
  • Swaps
  • Replacement

Target Merchants

How does Clover fit into the First Data Merchant product suite?

target merchants

Station Hardware

  • Designers from Tesla, Dr. Dre Beats and worldwide robot competitions
  • Sleek white glass and brushed aluminum
  • Patent-pending swivel arm for Portrait Customer view (‘Handshake’)
  • Set up in under 15 minutes with color coded cords
  • High resolution 11.6” touchscreen attached to a base plate
  • Quick Speed Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Embedded barcode or QR code scanner/camera
  • Four USB ports for multiple peripherals
  • Single power cord for clutter-free display

Clover Restaurant and QSR

Available – All this and more!

  • Pay by seat
  • Split checks by line item
  • Print timecards on device
  • Transfer guests to other tables
  • Enable auto gratuity for large parties
  • Print table numbers on kitchen printer
  • Print guest numbers on kitchen printer
  • Swipe card to open bar tab (no pre-authorization)
  • Offer happy hour pricing (Happy Hour app)
  • Track items that have already been sent to the kitchen printer
  • Server banking (track server cash and credit tips, sales, declare cash tips, etc.)
  • Require manager approval for voids after an item has been sent to kitchen printer