Top Up Pre-Paid Cell Phone

Become an agent:
All you need is a computer with internet access, (preferably a printer too,) and a valid credit/debit card.
How it works:
1) The merchant logs in to their agent account.
2) The merchant enters the customer’s phone number.
3) The customer pays the merchant for $XX.00 time.
 4) The merchant/agent enters their own credit card, or uses funds already in the merchants account.
5) The merchant gets a print out of instructions & pin.
 6) The customer puts it in to their phone.
 7) Recharges could be done in the same way, or by the customer.
8) Merchant gets a percentage/commission added to their account; they could use it as money towards the next customer or request a check.
9) Merchant gains by getting commission, using their own credit card will get them a grace period micro loan, and millage or points.
10) No outlay, you only enter your credit card after you have taken funds from the customer.
AirVoice GSM Talk/Text $35 Movistar Guatemala RTR SM TNT 15 Day $25 RTR
Alltel Wireless  Movistar Mexico $50 RTR SM UNL TNT & 3G Data $40 RTR
AT&T Cingular Wireless Movistar Mexico RTR  SM Unlimited 3G Data/ILD $50 RTR  
AT&T RTR  Movistar Nicaragua RTR SM Unlimited 4G Data/ILD $60 RTR  
Claro Dominican Republic RTR Net 10 SM Unlimited TNT 4G Data $50 RTR
Claro Ecuador RTR Net 10 Unlimited SM Wireless BrBnd $25.00 750MB / $45.00 2GB (4G Speed)
Claro El Salvador RTR Orange DR RTR Smart Pilippines RTR
Claro Guatemala RTR Page Plus $12 monthly Talk and Text  Sun Philippines RTR
Claro Honduras RTR Page Plus Cellular T-Mobile 
Claro Nicaragua RTR Page Plus Power Text T-Mobile RTR
Claro Ecuador RTR   Page Plus Talk and Text Telcel Mexico $11 RTR 
Claro El Salvador RTR Page Plus Unlimited Telcel Mexico $22 RTR
Claro Guatemala RTR Platinum Tel Prepaid   Telcel Mexico $55 RTR
Claro Honduras RTR Pure Prepaid 1 month Unlimited Talk/Text TelCel Mexico $6.00 RTR  
 Claro Nicaragua RTR Pure Prepaid Anytime Minutes  Tigo Colombia RTR
Comcel Colombia RTR    Pure Prepaid Unlimited Talk/Text Tigo El Salvador RTR
Cricket Paygo $10 - $35 Ready Mobile $10 - $150 Tigo Guatemala RTR
Cricket Paygo $40-$45 Ready Mobile $5 Tigo Honduras RTR
Cubacel Cuba RTR Red Pocket 15 day unlimited Talk/Text $22.99 Total Call Mobile  
Digicel Haiti RTR Red Pocket 7 day unlimited Talk/Text $13.99 Total Call Nights and Weekends
Digicel Jamaica RTR Red Pocket Data Refill Total Call Talk and Text
Globe Philippines RTR Red Pocket Pay as you go Total Call Unlimited
H2O $2/Day Talk&Text $10/$20 Red Pocket Prepaid 30 day Tracfone Cellular
H2O GSM Unlimited $40-$60 Red Pocket Unlimited Talk/Text Ultra Mobile 
H2O was locus Platinum Red Pocket Unlimited Talk/Text $49.99     Ultra Mobile Paygo $10-$100
I-Wireless   Red Pocket Unlimited Talk/Text $49.99 Unefon Mexico RTR
Iusacell Mexico RTR Red Pocket Unlimited Talk/Text $54.99 Verizon RTR
Movida Simple Mobile Verizon Wireless
Movistar Colombia RTR SM BlackBerry 4G Data $50 RTR Viva Dominican Republic RTR
Movistar Ecuador RTR SM BlackBerry 4G Data UNL+ILD $60 RTR   Voila Haiti RTR
Movistar El Salvador RTR SM BlackBerry UNL 4G &TNT $60 RTR Xtreme Wireless
A WIN-WIN SITUATION USE YOUR OWN COMPUTER, no need to buy anything or take up any shelf/counter space. Generate EXTRA INCOME.
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