Pinless Pre-Paid Long Distance

Become an agent:  

All you need is a computer with internet access, (preferably a printer too,) and a valid credit/debit card.

How it works:

1) The merchant logs in to their agent account

2) The merchant enters the customer’s phone number

3) The customer pays the merchant for $XX.00 time.

4) The merchant/agent enters their own credit card, or uses funds already in the merchants account.

5) The merchant gets a print out of the local access code.

6) The phone ID will be recognized automatically every time the access code is called.

7) Recharges could be done in the same way, or by the customer.

8) Merchant gets a percentage/commission added to their account; they could use it as money towards the next customer or request a check.

9) Merchant gains by getting commission, using their own credit card will get them a grace period micro loan, and millage or points.

10) No outlay, you only enter your credit card after you have taken funds from the customer.

11) The program also works to top up prepaid cellphones, albeit the commission differs for each company.

Here is sample of pricing

*as of 12/21/2012 subject to change an accurate and full list will be available on your internet console, once you sign up.

United States         
Call United States from the USA & Canada for 1.5˘ / min
Call to Cities in United States from 1.7˘ / min
$10 649 min649 min Buy Minutes
$20 1299 min1299 min Buy Minutes
$50 3249 min3249 min Buy Minutes
Calling to Cities in United States
PlaceRate$10 $20 $50
Alaska3.3˘ / min 300 min600 min1500 min
Hawaii1.7˘ / min 599 min1199 min2999 min
United Kingdom         
Call United Kingdom from the USA & Canada for 1.4˘ / min
Call to Cities in United States from 1.7˘ / min
$10 699 min150 min Buy Minutes
$20 1399 min300 min Buy Minutes
$50 3499 min750 min Buy Minutes
Calling to Cities in United Kingdom
PlaceRate$10 $20 $50
Personal Cell 25.0˘ / min 40 min80 min200 min
Call Mexico from the USA & Canada for .8˘ / min
Call to Cities in Mexico from 0.8˘ / min
$10 400 min250 min Buy Minutes
$20 800 min500 min Buy Minutes
$50 2000 min1250 min Buy Minutes
Calling to Cities in Mexico
PlaceRate$10 $20 $50
Acapulco1.7˘ / min 600 min1200 min3000 min
City0.8˘ / min 1200 min2400 min6000min
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