A Bill analysis should be performed at least once a year to make sure you are not overpaying.

For our own merchants we offer a free preview of their bills twice a year, (upon request) we have found mistakes & corrected them, or their volume has risen and we have lowered their rates.

Regardless of whether you are our merchants or merchants of another processing company we could perform a bill/statement analysis for you. A VERY HIGH PERCENTAGE OF MERCHANTS ARE CLUELESS TO HOW MUCH THEY ARE PAYING. Some merchants are locked into a contract; others are bound by software or tied by a gift card program to their current service providers, and are unable to change.

Many processors specially tie programs & service to keep you captive; this allows them to charge as they wish.

Other companies have come out with programs to get your fees lowered, but they take half of your savings for x amount of years, straight from your bank account. In reality if you knew how to lower the fees by yourself, you would have saved all the money yourself.

We offer a basic analysis for $30.00; the $30.00 is rebated if we board your account on within 30 days.

Please bear in mind; we cannot board every account we analyze, for a variety of reasons. [To mention a couple: the type of business or a software issue].

To perform the analysis you will need you to provide us the following:

1) Your latest 3 monthly credit card processing statements. If American Express and/or Discover are billed separately we will need their statement/s too.

2) You will have to inform us of any annual fees you pay. [That are not on the statements you provide].

3) Any one time fees.

4) Any club/or other fees that don’t appear on your statements.

5) Annual or monthly PCI fees.

6) Gateway Fees.

7) Early termination fees.

8) Monthly leasing fees.

If your bill is written in a convoluted code style, [many are] we may not be able to figure out more than the effective rate, we will also provide our opinion if the rate is fair for your type of business.

In some cases we may need you to conference us with your processor & ask some questions, in that case we will have to charge you at a rate of $50.00 per half hour. [Minimum $50.00, & 31 minutes to an hour is $100.00 etc.] These fees are also REBATED if you come on board with us within 30 days of our analysis. We may also help you with an offer, or speak to your current processor about lowering your rates, at the same rate [cost] as above.

Unfortunately we can no longer do this service for free, only to supply you information to lower your fees, at your current processor, or use our quote to bargain elsewhere. We must be rewarded for our work.

The idea of a bill analysis is to assure you that you are getting a fair rate, and if not, to make sure your rate is lowered, either by switching to us, or bargaining with your current processor.


Q: Who should get an analysis?

A: Anyone processing $5000.00 per month or more, some smaller accounts that are being charged exuberantly high fees, as seen in the: who doesn’t need analysis section, [below] may also apply.

Q: I am happy with my processor why should I look at my bill?

A: If you came here, you obviously have some doubt & need some help in understanding your bill.

Q: If you analyze my bill and find that I am fairly priced or better than the normal, so there is no money to save, do I still have to pay for the analysis?

A: Yes, because we spent time on it, and you now have peace of mind, that when the next guy comes around promising you savings you don’t waste your time. Furthermore you don’t fall-in, and sign a locked –in contract, which actually r

Q: Who doesn’t need an analysis?

A: 1)Anyone who charges less than $1000.00 in Visa & MasterCard {American express & Discover, if they are all billed together } and pays in total fees $30.00 or more for swiped(card present transactions) or $40.00 hand-keyed, mail-order/ telephone order/ internet .
    2) Or charges $2000.00 (same as above in #1) with $50.00 swiped, or $60.00 hand-keyed mail-order/telephone order/ internet.
    3) Same as above $3000.00 $65.00 swiped, or $90.00 a month, for hand-keyed, mail-order/ telephone order/ internet.
    4) Same as above $4000.00, $85.00 swipe or $115.00 hand-keyed mail-order/telephone order/ internet. Although you could do slightly better you are not being exuberantly overpriced. You may just want a quote which could save you $10-$50 a month, and fund your money quicker, or provide you with more up to date processing equipment.