Other Association Fees

This lists some common associations [Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Amex*] fees.

It is very difficult to list all of them, you may find many fees & fines on their websites, and some could possibly be internal.

All fees are subject to change; [new fees added by the associations] notice will be provided by the associations, before changes are made.


VISA: MasterCard: Discover: 
 Dues & assessments: 0.11% Foreign: Dues & Assessments: .11%
ACQR: $0.0195 [almost 2 cents] per item [transaction] NABU: $0.0185 [almost 2 cents] per item [transaction] Data usage: $ 0.0185 [almost 2 cents] per item [transaction]
Aqua ISA: 0.0390% Aqua support: 0.549%  
Fixed Network CP: Cross border: 0.398%
Fixed Network CNP:  
Aqua processor: 0.0397%  
Zero Floor: 0.10 per item
TRAN INTEGRITY FEE: .10 [10 centsper item]    
Visa FANF: From $2.00 (small merchant) up to (40K multi million)
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*Fees may vary by merchant type volume; the above fees are an illustration only of possible fees derived from, actual merchant statements. Not every merchant will be billed all/some of the above fees.